the name is tommy. i'm 21 years of age and currently living in glasgow. i moved up to scotland when i was 7 after living in blackburn, england from the age of 2. growing up, i've always had a passion for music but unfortunately i can't sing and definitely don't have the skills to make music from scratch. i find dancing so therapeutic and relaxing. some people play golf, some people like to write or read but i love to dance. whether i'm angry, sad or happy, nothing helps it better than dancing. when i was younger, i was a short and chubby child - and being gay made everything worse - which obviously resulted in me being heavily bullied. now i've lost all the weight and i'm taller than the majority of people i meet, but i still seem to have slight confidence issues. i'm slowly but surely becoming the confident and strong person who i've always dreamt of being! it's been hard but totally worth it. i am a big big big fan of britney spears. not just her music but her as a person and as sad as it sounds, she is a massive part of my life. i ~liked~ her from the beginning but it wasn't until her breakdown that i actually fell in love with her. her falling from the top of the world, to rock bottom and slowly building herself back up again infront of the whole world was so inspiring and helped me through the darkest time in my life. right now i'm working in a gay nightclub in the heart of glasgow, dreaming of the day i can afford to shower myself in tattoos, pretty things and a car - and hopefully move somewhere better than scotland.

but enough talking -- hope you enjoy my blog. mainly filled with britney and boys.

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